Message from IP President

Dear Members,
At the outset I would like to convey my heartiest thanks to all of you for being selected me the President of FJCCI for the term 2017-18 and given me the chance to work on problems/issues related to the trade, industry and commerce of Jharkhand state.

Secondly, I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks also to all our Past Presidents for their contribution to bring FJCCI to the present state of glory as well as the time and energy they have provided towards their efforts. This year we have planned to go & meet our members at their district towns/head quarters to know their problems/issues/suggestions related to trade, industry and commerce of their area and accordingly take immediate action with the concerned department under the program ‘Chamber on Wheel’.

Jharkhand was formed in the year 2000, almost at the same time of formation of Uttarakhand and Chhatisgarh. The industry of those two states have developed in many folds in last 17 years but due to wrong policy of the state government lack of sincerely and commitments of higher officials to their assigned joy and political disturbances in Jharkhand the situation of Industry here has become bad to worst year after year. So on behalf of FJCCI, I appeal to you all that apply your right and cast your vote in coming Assembly Election to form a state government in the state. A stable govt. could only make our dreams come true.

Lastly, I like to assure you all that I am committed to working with all of you to make FJCCI more responsive, more engaged, more beneficial and work very closely with our FJCCI management. Together we will work for the betterment of FJCCI.

Ranjeet Garodia
IP President

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